02.12.2016 10:59
              Game update

1) Open a new location - the village of Amber
2) Added quests in the Village of Amber
3) Added Mirrors Guardian (Quest for levels 60-89)

1) Locations "Land of Amber" and "Frozen temple" are available with 60 levels.
2) Slightly increased number of prizes in the treasury of Amber

P.S. to display text at the new things - clean your browser's cache
P.P.S. In the next update - new quests in the village of Amber, quests in Blood catacombs, Winter fun.

24.11.2016 14:24
25.11.2016 - 28.11.2016.

Discounts of 50%.

24.11.2016 14:18

Game update
1) Treasury Amber - open (the land of Amber).
2) Bloody catacombs - are open (but will be improved still)
3) Traders things and stones 90 level - in the catacombs.

1) Golden things - now the life of 4 months.
2) Payments through Shop2gate -> PayPal works (specify where email, which is your login in the game portal)

P.S. The need to collect treasure Amber "faces of the creators." Different combinations of these faces will allow things to get gold from 60 to 90 levels.
P.P.S. The second part of the update is scheduled for next week.

  22.10.2016 - 31.10.2016.
Discounts of 50%.

Bonus - "Medal of the experienced travelers" for free!
(7 days your speed of movement on the global map will be increased)


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Client download
Step 1. Character name
Step 2. Select side
Step 3. Select character class
Step 4. Select character gender
When you select a faction, only characers of those faction will be available for your account.
- high amount of life
- high physical damage
- melee attacks
- low accuracy
Knights are intended for melee battles. They are as strong as steel and know how to command a weapon. All their abilities are oriented towards melee battles. After the fall of the old world they were the first to protect the laws and the rule of Great Empire.
- high accuracy
- uses poisons
- low level of life
- low level of mana
Rogue is a class intended both for melee and ranged attacks. Rogues are masters of hiding and poisoning their enemies. Empire uses their services in tricky situations, like stealing or assassinations.
- different protective abilities
- medium level of life and mana
- low physical damage
- not many attacking abilities
Priest combines the power of the body and spirit. Priests bless with one hand and curse with the other. Old world collapsed, but gods still grant powers to their priests and Empire needs them even more than before.
- high amount of mana
- magical attacking abilities
- weak physical attacks
- low level of life
Mage is a class intended for ranged magical attacks. They do not like brute force and prefer magical sciences. After the cataclysm all living mages joined their strengths and knowledge to try and return the old world.
- high amount of life
- high physical damage
- melee attacks
- low accuracy
Berserk is a class intended for melee battles. They are physically strong and have a lot of life. All of their abilities target melee battles. They think they can make the Gray Wasteland the most glorious kingdom of them all - they will have to, however, drown their enemies in their own blood.
- high accuracy
- usage of poisons
- low level of live
- low level of mana
Sting of Wasteland is a class intended for ranged and melee battles. They prefer to stay in the shadows and solve their problems by using poisons. Wasteland values them as excellent scouts, but Stings are not afraid to get their hands dirty with something more shady.
- well-developed protective abilities
- low level of life and mana
- low physical damage
- not many attacking abilities
Priest combines the power of the body and spirit. Priests bless with one hand and curse with the other. No matter what happens, until the faith of the priest is strong the gods will grant them the power and abilities much appreciated in the Wasteland.
- high level of mana
- magical attacking abilities
- weak physical attacks
- low level of life
Shaman is a class intended for ranged magical attacks. They prefer to weave spells rather than fight in melee battles. Shamans collect all possible knowledge to recreate the world as it was before the cataclysm.