in: 12 Oct 2012 [05:54]
I was just wondering when you were going to fix the bugs and glitches in this game. There is two that at this point in time make people so mad they just quit playing all together. The main one is being locked out for 3 days to a week, and the other is being kicked out of the game at a crucial time mostly right in the middle of a quest then it doesnt let you back on. Whenever it does you are certainly going to be killed amd your armour and sword will be damaged and then you have to eventually get it fixed and that costs money or rubies depends on what kind of stuff is broken!
in: 12 Oct 2012 [18:59]
poplide we are working on it, hence the amount of restarts that was necessary during this week.
in: 02 Sep 2015 [19:27]
I was just wondering when you were going to fix the bugs and glitches in this game.Because 3 people is bugging they are Sydrome, Batal3,asesino buenas.And they are hunting lot of people and bugging clans to max.get it fixed (:s6:)
in: 03 Sep 2015 [05:50]
face it Konoha/Royal Rumble/Back The Hell/ Crazy Funny/ elite666/ Facebook oh and lux/eterna clan have befitted from it.... are all made from the HACK and to top it off they sell them and yes the ADM KNOWS
You don't list half their players and who their other chars are here but all has been sent in
in: 10 Sep 2015 [18:12]
(:s6:)Nobody listening the players.... so sad... so sad... I havent given up, but i always wonder how long the game lasts like so... (:s31:)
in: 03 Oct 2015 [01:40]
updated: 03 Oct 2015 [01:41]
ohhh alekzanders i have 1 picture for you from facebook.
let me search it........ http://imgur.com/X0j7XM7

that say: venta de rubies a super bajos precios activa, pagos por paypal, sms movil, tarjeta de credito, paysafecard, etc.. mas info mp...
google translator:
rubies selling super active low prices, payments by paypal , sms mobile , credit card, paysafecard , etc .. more info mp ...
and i have another picture:
in this picture from another player of sodgame we can see this man selling the rubies for money(:s28:)

and also... some players are saying the adms and mods are selling this.. if it is true.. maybe can put in the forum.
nothing more to say good days all.. and maybe a good game if you can because with they, players like me can't play. (:s1:)
in: 03 Oct 2015 [01:55]
Unfortunatley the ADM is already aware and still trying to figure out how to fix
in: 09 Jan 2016 [00:05]

each snowland scroll has 4 hour cool down this is a bug she karaja(karja) same person is using stacking
in: 09 Jan 2016 [00:07]

naked and no weapon ??? not possible
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