in: 27 Jun 2013 [02:04]
Dear, Ambergames I think there should be more abilities to the classes that use magic (Mage/Wizard/Shaman/Priest)

Priest Set 1. Healing Ability - Heals selected target (Players only) Self or group member at the cost of some mana and a 15 second cool down

Shaman/Mage Set 1. Beast/Monster Summoning - Summons a demon or some sort of dark monster to fight by your side for 2 minutes and has a 4 min cool down.
in: 21 Jan 2015 [01:46]
This is a pretty good game but a few things need improvement(:s24:)
leveling up is slow as hell and the drops really get dull drop more armor and weapons. also game needs more skills on all player types your going to loose players due to boredom. If you want to make any money on this, amp it up because this game does have potential.
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