in: 24 Oct 2013 [14:38]
Guys, the game is cool, but no sound is funny. Even games before 20 years have sound, please import ingame sounds !
in: 05 Dec 2013 [13:39]
I feel that dead forum is much bigger problem than missing sound. Do you really need to kill your ears with nonsense sounds? I kinda even like calm and soundless game. Plus makes more difficult to notice if somebody is killing you. Which is a very good thing... if u are killing somebody who is away from game!

Always look on the bright side of life... Heres some sound from me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2UP86bciVA

Best of all,
in: 06 Dec 2013 [20:03]
I agree Rosie the forum has been dead for a long time.
Music would cause to much of a distraction(:s1:)
ivan rubitp
in: 10 Dec 2013 [20:39]
updated: 10 Dec 2013 [20:40]
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in: 09 Jun 2014 [04:56]
Will this game ever have sound? Music and sound effects would make this game so much more enjoyable to play. Absence of sound effects, at the very least, would be immensely beneficial. Playing without even these sounds lessens the feelings of engagement in the game. Playing Pandora in the background helps, but no sound effects takes away from gameplay and the feeling of actually being the character. It just would be great if you could add music and sound effects. Without these, this is a very boring game.
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