in: 10 Jan 2014 [11:54]
Hello my nick in game is mariojama
yesterday loging in to my Shards of the Dreams account the server was down so ok did my stuff ! But now when I loged in I have lost 2 lvl some 55 silver , and not shure what else is misssing !
please can I geth my lvl back ? If no than you are loosing your players !
thanks !
Kind Regards MarioJama
in: 12 Jan 2014 [05:26]
The sever was down due to severe technical errors/problems so in order to fix issues of players being stuck/trapped they reset the server back 5 days.
I would fill out ticket and contact support, Many players lost rubies, valor/honor points and equipment .. along with lvls and exp.

Again fill out ticket and sent to support

Kind regards
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