in: 16 Dec 2014 [17:52]
Hi! Is there any way to get more room in the bag without the rubys? Can I gather the items in a chest or something? How to sell the items from the bag?
in: 16 Apr 2015 [13:32]
Well, if anybody wants to know the solution to this question: you can get 5 place bag for free when u level up one new char to level 6-7. One Mission gives that kind of bag and if u make 5 those (u need 5 new characters) u get 25 more places for free(:s1:)

To sell items talk to merchants in villages. U can then click in your bag on the item u want to sell to him (by clicking on item u will see "sell" sign). Or talk to any merchant, from bag drag the things u want to sell into merchant window. Simple as ever(:s1:)(:s37:)
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