in: 21 Apr 2015 [20:00]
updated: 21 Apr 2015 [20:04]
(:s33:)Here is new/old problem - Money Beggers around the game. Everybody should be careful when see those. They are getting even smarter nowadays. They LIE about everything just to get ur money. Last one I heard was 2morto2 asked one person money to pay others so he would not get banned. This is also a lie. Just be careful little fellows so u do not get robbed by those kind of people.

If you know any chars who beg also money and are using people just to get what they want then can post those names under this message. This is needed to warn other players.

Also, if somebody beg for money/things/bottles then just ignore those sentence and DO NOT respond to those people! (:s11:)

Best of all,
Rosie (:s37:)
in: 21 Apr 2015 [20:04]
in: 23 Apr 2015 [10:48]
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