in: 21 Apr 2015 [20:34]
updated: 21 Apr 2015 [20:38]
Well, I am way too troubled about cheatings in the game(:s26:). Please if somebody notice any then shout about it all over the sodgame. Once then admins maybe change some things to stop them. This makes the game so boring if some people know how to cheat and doing it as hell.

Right now huge problem are all kind of scrolls - scroll of knight, heroe, killer. U can use one of each them and the cooldown for all of them are 4 hours. Sooooo many players (thghkjg and all of his elves) now use those scrolls like after any time they want(:s16:).

WHY NOBODY CARE about this game and WHY nobody listen players. We want fair game with some new updates after a while (:s5:). Loved valentines day runes and discounts from items (:s11:). This game could be so great if just somebody would work on it a little. People are leaving the game, should ask why(:s31:)!!!

(:s33:)Those are the reasons - cheating, No changes for a long time (make short-term changes - suprise missions; some long-term changes - new treasury for high levels, new missions). Make work Guild of last day and Guild of Soul catchers. With regular changes you get players back for sure. People are curious to see what has changed and like to try out new things (:s11:)!

in: 21 Apr 2015 [20:41]
in: 19 May 2015 [21:55]
(:s33:) thghkjg caught on cheating...



Here we are, those people should stop playing if do not know how to play fairly!
in: 19 May 2015 [21:57]
Many using those scrolls at the same time... mostly blue side
in: 20 May 2015 [00:49]
Yes mainly blue ..... Makes the game undesirable to play since our complaints are ignored
in: 20 May 2015 [11:09]
I guess nothing will change. But no problems, I will point more out issues if I notice any in the game. I want to see how long this lasts...
in: 21 May 2015 [13:48]
And he did it again... here you go with times and dates... It is said for scrolls (scroll of hero; scroll of knight; scroll of killer )that their cooldown is 4 hours and you can use only one at a time... Camoon... 3 pictures says all about thghkjg cheatings.... (:s16:)

I pointed out even with big red arrows what he is doing... First he had on monolith two scrolls and the time is 12:05 (date 21.05.2015). You can see that one scroll has only 1 minute left... So he needs 4 hours before could use new scrolls...

butttt then he returned into monolith time was 12:14 (date 21.05.2015), only 9 minutes later and he had all scrolls on... Seems did not need 4 hours to cooldown (:s16:)

And it wasnt enoughhhh for him for one day to cheat.... He came into event and put again two scrolls. The time was 13:11 (date still 21.05.2015)...

Well, what can I say(:s27:)... A owner of a clan (Vella Kalpi) is one of the biggest cheater I ever have met in the game... I do not want to know what influence he gives for his clan members...
in: 21 May 2015 [13:50]
in: 21 May 2015 [13:56]
Nothing new.... No one will do anything about it (:s6:)(:s6:)(:s6:)
in: 25 May 2015 [07:14]
Nope nothing will be done as nothing never is. Perhaps all complaints should be put to Russian forums since ADM Alekzanders connects there and no longer in english or spanish forums
in: 26 May 2015 [22:37]
they can throw a ban but does no good since they don't delete the chars or anything , you see banned chars pop up all the time
in: 02 Sep 2015 [15:17]
shadyshadyI read what you wrote maybe you're right what you say and maybe something will change in this game which is awesome(:s8:)but we must be patient ok:))))))))))))
in: 02 Sep 2015 [15:18]
Hmmmm.........HEHHEEHEHEH Shady:))(:s26:)
in: 02 Sep 2015 [15:19]
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