in: 07 Jul 2015 [19:35]
They are sooo annoying... (:s33:) I will start to put them out here if somebody dares to swear again... They should be removed from game for a while for a lesson. It is not nice to shout at other persons...
First one is Votaka!
(:s27:) http://i.imgur.com/1CKG5dX.jpg
in: 14 Jul 2015 [23:15]
New one--- sheba has so bad mouth i cant even discribe it...
in: 14 Jul 2015 [23:44]
Well now there are two of the sheba with his sister or brother not sure... http://i.imgur.com/IT9YOnh.jpg
in: 15 Jul 2015 [00:37]
(:s4:) http://imgur.com/LPchAWt
(:s2:) (:s20:)(:s20:)(:s20:)(:s20:)
in: 15 Jul 2015 [18:31]
Try to let it go slime. They just can not control their mouths... (:s16:)
in: 16 Jul 2015 [04:40]
in: 27 Jul 2015 [23:22]
New one: Conan 95 (:s13:)

All the best wishes for the rest of the players (the ones who don`t swear)...(:s38:)
in: 08 Jan 2016 [22:39]
megija3 Is the next dirty mouth in the game... congratulations to her! Can call me in russian "cow" as many times she likes, but it only speaks what about she is made of... nothing at all in her little head for example (:s25:)

in: 09 Jan 2016 [00:02]
in: 09 Jan 2016 [00:03]
in: 09 Jan 2016 [00:17]

super1 had a breakdown
in: 09 Jan 2016 [14:21]
Wow, this is getting worse and worse. One more reason why not to play this game... In other games they sensor bad words in chats or give penalties or even closes players accounts. Hope this game is being closed before something really bad comes out of this swearing at each other...
in: 09 Jan 2016 [21:28]
dont forget you get silenced for saying buttons or happy birthday in spanish but you can say everything else
in: 15 Jan 2016 [20:17]
way to go amber games for letting players cheat and run bot programs !!! this image shows a perfect example of cheating someone using more than one scroll when each snowland scroll has a 4 hour cool down hmmm http://imgur.com/6hKpDoe http://imgur.com/X5zwpMV

why not instead of saying all we want is you're money how about fix something
in: 03 Jun 2016 [13:21]
There are no bots, no hack no nothing, it's just a bunch of bugs, exploits, bad admins selling rubies to players only to profit themselves not the game. By the way i am on your side but why do you complain so much if you know there is no admin on the forums, how about reading some news about Ambergames and their plans if you would go to see what they did in 2015 you would understand the lack of admins and all other stuff, but yet you only argue about the facts that you have gathered from random players.
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