in: 01 Nov 2015 [14:55]
updated: 01 Nov 2015 [14:56]
Hello there first of all i want to say this game was great project. I remember when there was 100people odd online and it was really fun but now i see populations decreasing and decreasing so i was wondering did Dev's abondoned this games project which would be very sad since a lot of people invested A LOT of money in this game and now everything has been dead for a while this would be like 3rd game which is abondoned(which i play). I don't want to be rude but looks like devs got money and runned away sorry but that is my opinion and to be honest this game could have been really good sucess but now i don't know.
in: 08 Jan 2016 [14:24]
YEAH This is a goood game man i like it(:s1:) It's the best(:s1:)(:s18:)(:s18:)(:s18:)(:s21:)(:s22:)(:s8:)
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