in: 08 Jan 2016 [14:19]
Hi everybody!!! I must ask why snow land it's not here beacuse i saw players in snow land but when i look on map snow land it's not on the map.I can t find it.
Can somebody explain me ? When will com snow land???(:s33:)(:s33:)(:s33:)(:s13:)
in: 03 Jun 2016 [13:31]
There are accounts from previous years stuck in snow lands, and they are using it as advantage to profit their main accounts, making scrolls,runes, you know all of the stuff you were able to make in snow lands previous years. Really huge and and unfair advantage to new players as well as those who weren't able to play when snow land opened, but yet again you can't do anything about it because admins don't bother anymore, and if they did well.. that's another story.
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