in: 20 Jul 2016 [23:14]
How we all cnow then this server have a lot off gliches, cheats, lags so meybe one time stop insulting anothers about a cheaters but one time at all talk all about this problem? server is dying one time at all we need come together and talk about that what would anyone want to do with this server if we get one thing then meybe then admin would do it.. if all be agree about a big restart i think he would do it and then there wouldnt any cheats bugs and lags..
Meybe that what we search is near us we only need to talk with our enemys to see what is going on with game from theyr side...
Please writo your minds about situation in server because then meybe server can be repaired..
in: 21 Jul 2016 [08:46]
the problems they are aware of, the problems are they spend all time on other "projects", has been requested before another reset of server they said no to it,
they has tickets dating to 2013 asking for issues solved but nothings solved or fixed, servers outdated and needs expands or added band width
woulds be good to come togethers and talk but all argues and points the fingers at the others without looking at themselves also, glitches yes lots each update they bring cause glitches and errors, cheats happens when they bring new also, some can be avoided like eploits in the errors makes the bugs some have been saids by adm kitty kat to be fixed but are not and still remain causing some a error that cannot be fixed
dont think resetting would help much at this time the lat was during the errors of snow where players were clones and ones get stuck still happens on occasions they were asked and the reply was not again
if the adms would take time from the others projects and focus on one like this could be saved and improved upon but will they ?
has saids a future update in works for lvls 65 and ups still are waitings for this but yet they will gives sales and few others things to keep the ones who still connects used to be 300 or mores connects but no longers the case
players leave cause 1. no fixes 2. no updates 3. no proper supports 4. cheats 5. lags 6. insults (thats a big one) 7. we runs out of hope to continue a dying game
yes its free 2 play but the monies is supposed to support the game this goes for any massive multiplayer game where is the monies going its not supportings this game it goes supports their others
is much to talk of but alot of conflicting views betweens all
in: 21 Jul 2016 [11:11]
Problem is that there is a lot of problems, end of story.
in: 24 Jul 2016 [06:56]
RIP Shards of the Lags (:s10:) and the dead English Forum (:s9:)
in: 02 Aug 2016 [21:32]
yes you have right
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