Terms of Service
  1. Accepting current Terms of Services (TOS), User expresses agreement with all conditions of the TOS. All current TOS conditions acceptance by the User is obligatory for using “Shards of the Dreams” game (further “Game”).

  2. Ambergames assures the privacy of your personal data. Your personal data will not be given to a third party. All users must introduce trustworthy information when registering or they might be rejected/deleted.

  3. We use cookies in this web page. However they are not used to extract information from you; We use them solely to help your navigation on the website. If you wish you might disable cookies on your browser preferences although you will lose some of the features available on the website, since we do not guarantee work without cookies.

  4. All users that get caught breaking the following rules might get their account banned:

    4.1.1. Creating more than one account;

    4.1.2. Playing with more than one user account from the same Computer;

    4.1.3. Using third-party programs;

    4.1.4. Using bugs (software errors), interrupting software code, getting access to game user data base or materials of without Administration permission;

    4.1.5. Passing their registration information (login and password) to the third party as well as to accepting registration from the third party;

    4.1.6. Making any any kind of real life threats and/or offenses;

    4.1.7. Posting sexual/illegal contents;

    4.1.8. All messages that the Administration might consider inappropriate

  5. User has no right to copy, reproduce, spread and translate into other languages any component of the Game without written permission of the Administration. User accepts and agrees that any material and all necessary software connected to the Game "Shards of the Dreams" are protected by intellectual property laws of Latvia and other international laws. Content provided to the User during usage of the Game "Shards of the Dreams" is protected by author’s rights, trade marks, patents and other laws. User has no right to modify, sell, and/or spread this content, Game materials and/or software in one piece or in parts. Administration provides User with unexceptional and inexpressible right to use content and materials of the Game and software provided in the Game "Shards of the Dreams" according to TOS of the Game if neither User nor other person together with the User is not going to copy or change content and software; create derived software; penetrate the software in order to get software code; sell, give, rent, pass to the third party in any other form of laws in respect of Game material and Game software as well as modify service including illegal access to it.
  6. Administration is not responsible for temporary errors and interruptions in connection or other similar failures as well as defects of the computer used for connection to the internet by User.

  7. Administration is not responsible for losses suffered as a result of using or not using information about the Game by the User.

  8. Administration has right at any time to change conditions of the following TOS. Changes take effect from the moment of publication them on the web-site of the Game , or from the moment determined by the Administration.

  9. Administration is allowed to send users e-mails with informative or technical content related to the Game.

  10. Purchasing Rubies will not allow you to break any of the rules. By buying Rubies you will only be supporting our work and you will not have any kind of special treatment regarding the rules. The Administration Team has the right to reject payments.

    1. User will not be entitled to any refund of any chargeable service.

    2. User can request a chargeback if service is not delivered within 5 working days.

    3. Administration is obliged to provide accuracy of the software used for receiving information about money transfer.

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