in: 13 Mar 2012 [10:22]
updated: 13 Mar 2012 [10:58]

Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the Dreams Developers team wishes everyone to have an amazing, and very long-awaited spring. First updates of the spring have brought lots of new stuff, as well as some changes to already existing content.

New quests, a whole new map, new achievements – all this and more in first spring updates.

- Ancient stories tell of a huge city with majestic temples and sculptures, praising goddess Alia. Priestess Asan lead the worshippers to establish a small village in the ruins of this majestic city. Cataclysm filled these lands with terrible monsters, and now the locals need your help!

- Inhabitants of Alia lands have discovered a cave filled with terrible slimes. It is located in Alia lands and is awaiting brave heroes that dare to enter it.

- New achievements for exploring and killing monsters in Alia lands.

Few other additions/fixes:

- Achievements of other players can now be seen.

- A bug with the monster loot was fixed (when the loot contained 2 or more items, upon collection on only one of those items the character would sometimes freeze).

- Fixed several bugs with server performance.

in: 14 Mar 2012 [23:07]
(:s20:) there is too much lag from the client, please solve this (:s20:)
in: 15 Mar 2012 [22:31]
(:s24:) Today I've been playing well xd, and almost no lag gives (:s24:)
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