in: 08 May 2012 [12:48]
Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the Dreams  Fresh updates, just for you!

  More quests, more maps, battles for new lands!

Villagers from Hortis lands need your help – you decide whether to aid them, or to leave them as they are!

Witch Lamia is looking for a brave hero for the “Colors of rainbow” quest – an exciting adventure with a good reward awaits the daring adventurer!

Открыт Остров Rogu island was discovered by Wasteland and Empire travelers, with their camps set on the island. Protect your camp from other faction, or you might stay there forever! You can also make snowballs that will help you in your battles against the enemy.

В Болотах In Bogernau Swamp (entrance from Hortis lands) you can now collect frogs that can be used to poison your enemy!

Collecting loot is now easer – hotkeys Z and X now represents the closest object that can be interacted with. This allows to quickly pick up a large amount of loot, when using Z and X to collect, and Enter hotkey to pick it up.

Speed on global map increased by 50%.

Daily bonus now helps restore hero’s health faster.

You can now hide your subscription from other players.

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