in: 22 May 2012 [10:47]
Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the Dreams Cross-faction conflict is escalating each day, and none of the sides wants a peaceful solution to their conflict.

Empire and Great Wasteland want to deal more damage to their enemy, and attacking the towers was not enough for them. Military leaders now need your help to fulfill their latest plans.

In these updates you will see: a new PvP map, 2 new PvP quests for each faction, and other changes and bug fixes.

  • New PvP location "Lands of Sleepers" awaits for brave warriors. This map also contains a Treasury which, accord to ancient legends, is believed to contain riches beyond one's grasp. However, explorers have not yet found an entrance into the treasury...

  • Two new PvP quests for each faction. «Halting Monolith/Heaven trade» is aimed at reducing trading power of each faction and halting economical growth of the enemy. Second quest,  «Killing Empire/Wasteland governor», is needed to spread panic in the ranks of both the soldiers and peaceful villagers of both factions.

PvP quest line will now look as follows:

«Destroy towers!» quest is available from 30 until 39 level.

«Halting Heaven/Monolith trade» quest is available from 40-44 level.

«Kill Empire/Wasteland governor» quest is available 45-49 level.


  • Due to complaints from our players, we have re-balanced Monolith and Heaven once again. Several visual changes were applied to the map «Heaven Surroundings» , as well as number and positioning of guards was changed.

  • In starting villages («Village of Mists» and «Wolf village») you will now see a Collector that needs your help in getting different items you might find in your journeys. In exchange for these items he will give you an ankh that you can use for resurrection (if you pay him 5 silver per ankh on top).

Other changes:

  • Локации "Stone Hills",  "Ruins of Sleepers", "Marodir", and "Lands of Sleepers" are now closed for players below level 25.
  • Several quests were fixed
  • Lifetime of frogs and snowballs increased - they will now be available for 3 days
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