in: 04 Sep 2012 [11:14]
updated: 04 Sep 2012 [11:34]
Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the Dreams This update will bring lots of interesting things for all players.

New elixirs will save many lives in most dangerous adventures, scrolls of attack and golden items for level 40 will make your hero stronger to survive the pathway connecting Heaven and Monolith.

In these updates: new elixirs, a dungeon with a very dangerous monster, golden items for level 40, and other updates and fixes.


New elixirs will help your hero and your friends survive the hardest adventures. You can buy them right now from the Elixir merchants.

Mythical Scrolls of Attack, created by the most powerful of mages, will make your hero stronger by increasing all outgoing damage. Elixir merchants will be glad to sell them to you.

Heaven and Monolith armies are ready to eliminate any hostile forces that will try to reach their respective cities from the passage connecting Heaven and Monolith. There are unconfirmed rumors of a terrible monster Hevmon, living in the middle of this passage, and its treasure…

You can now buy level 40 golden items in Hortis lands with your valor points, which you can earn by selling scarlet and azure chess pieces to the Items merchant in Hortis lands.

  • Characters will regenerate some amount of stats (health/mana/endurance) in battle.
  • Items merchant dialogue in Hortis lands has changed- you can now select the level of items you wish to purchase.
  • Characters in Heaven and Monolith cemetery are now protected from ranged attacks.
  • When pressing "TAB" in chat, a name of one of 5 last nicknames in chat will be automatically placed.
  • Separation of stacks has been fixed.
  • Bug with Modek’s ring was fixed.
  • Virtual panel on the right part of the screen should now show up correctly with the inventory open.
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