in: 03 Oct 2012 [11:18]
Онлайн обновления RPG игры Осколки Снов 
In the last few days, we have fixed many bugs which caused the game to become unable to load. 

We have added a safety mechanism, which will teleport the player onto the global map, if that character was to experience this bug.

We will keep on working to fix these bugs, as well as introducing new content into the game.

in: 03 Oct 2012 [12:42]
ok..we're waiting~~~(:s4:)(:s4:)(:s4:)(:s4:)(:s4:)(:s4:)(:s4:)
in: 03 Oct 2012 [12:48]
and please dont make us crete a new character..i still want to use the old one..
in: 06 Oct 2012 [15:06]
Seems that the safety mechanism isn't working (:s14:)
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