in: 18 Dec 2012 [15:40]
updated: 19 Dec 2012 [13:49]
Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the Dreams Shards of the Dreams administration is happy to announce the launch of new server Soul!

New server brings the following: 30+ new maps and quests, new items, new PvP event, and something we have all waited for: crafting!

All this is now available on the Soul server – see you there! More information on updates after the break.

3 sectors – Borderlands, Lakeland, and Hortis now welcome all players. These regions might seem peaceful, but there are always confrontations between Gray Wasteland and Great Empire… Controlling the middle region of the sector is necessary for victory!

New items for all classes allow choosing your hero their own character build and dominating the battlefield!

New active abilities and passive talents that will make your hero stronger in battle.

Group dungeons and instances with awesome loot that all players will find useful. Kill all monsters and find epic items by playing with your friends!

New PvP eventCapture the Base”! Defend your base from incoming attacks, and lead your team to victory over the enemy to receive a nice prize!

Crafting is something that players have requested for a long time. We are happy to announce that crafting is included in these updates! Alchemy, Cooking, and Inscription are the first professions we will be bringing to Shards of the Dreams. Crafting is currently in beta-stage, and we will be updating it shortly.

Clans have also received many requested updates: there is now a clan storage which will allow clan members to keep their items safely. Additionally, clan logs will tell you what was deposited and withdrawn from the storage, as well as deposits into the clan treasury.

All new players will receive a Novice subscription for a week, when they log in with their character until 6th January 2013.

That’s not all! We are planning on introducing 5 types of crafting and introducing professions which you will be level up, and acquire new items to craft as you level up your profession.

Moreover, we will focus on new talents and new abilities for all classes of characters to give the players even more freedom to create whatever the build they want to suit their gaming preferences.

There is still lots to be done, and we will be bringing even more content in the nearest time.

Currently, Soul server is available in Russian only, but other languages will be added in the nearest time.

See you on the Soul server, and get ready to experience Shards of the Dreams like you never have before!
in: 18 Dec 2012 [23:48]
Are these updates coming to the grande server soon?
in: 20 Dec 2012 [08:25]
We will see how the Soul server performs first, then we will make the decision on what can be done with other servers.

Everything you invested into the game will not be simply deleted, don't worry.
in: 20 Dec 2012 [15:18]
I find that I am not able to read my quests and am working blindly on what I am supposed to do next. Also I do not understand what language it is showing.

Can you tell me when will we be able to see were we are travelling too in the new server? At the moment it seems to go only to one sector.
in: 20 Dec 2012 [20:58]
Pity it is in Russian only
in: 21 Dec 2012 [14:13]
Aliah we're working on translating it to English ASAP. Should be done around Christmas time (24 December)
in: 05 Jan 2013 [06:46]
um, yeah some things are still in Russian
in: 06 Jan 2013 [18:27]
Such a pity that some of the quests are still BLANK and we have no idea what we have to do or were we should go. To the developers, Can you please correct it?
in: 10 Jan 2013 [03:19]
Hello, I would like to know when the update also ye shall go up to the other servers, I play on the international server and I see that you forgot us, and which you dedicate to the server only soul. Many players are stopped playing because they are level 50 and have no other missions and maps to their level. Just want to know if you do something for the other servers. thanks
in: 05 Mar 2013 [16:58]
Please do not ignore the requests players send from Grande server
in: 06 Mar 2013 [06:07]
AlekzandersAlekzandersso there are no you are not updating the grande server at all.I f this is so why should we pay money for this game, if your not going to help us out.Its no wonder why people have stopped paying for rubies in this game whenever they hit level 40, a continues quest of daily quest and that sucks.
in: 11 Jun 2013 [14:51]
(:s4:) i am still not lvl 40 (:s17:)
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