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in: 12 Aug 2016 [10:25]
updated: 12 Aug 2016 [11:14]
Game update. Amber land.

Updates. Step one.

- New location "Amber land"
- New location "Frozen Temple"
- The new bottles
- New jewels

- Monolith / Haven Cemetery - is protected from attack
- Monsters have changed a little
- Some bugs fixed
P.S. Location "Bloody Catacombs" - not yet available.

The plans for the near future - the opening "Blood catacombs", "Amber treasury", and more places.

If the new land titles are not displayed properly - clear your browser cache!

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in: 12 Aug 2016 [10:32]
Исправь названия локаций, а то кодом записаны
in: 12 Aug 2016 [10:53]
Для тех, у кого в новых локациях нет локализации - надо почистить кэш браузера. (Только кеш)
in: 12 Aug 2016 [11:47]
can't buy 80 level red jewels and 65 level red jewel gives less dmg than 60 level jewel.
in: 14 Aug 2016 [15:17]
Noobs mazais145 is nooob(:s6:)(:s6:)(:s6:)(:s6:)(:s6:)
in: 16 Aug 2016 [00:19]
What update is this ??? The game is so boring there are not even 50 players online in game ..and the system is so boring(:s8:) nobody have enough resources golds points is huge problem this game is dead
in: 17 Aug 2016 [00:30]
IoanBlaze well if not happy go play a different game

lssas your insults fall on deaf ears here
in: 18 Aug 2016 [16:43]
I dont understand this update... why they can't create a now character?... more peoples who play ''sod game'' say that this game is boring... this game is boring because rubies can do everything... why create new locations for players with lvl 65 and more? thay want that peoples play that game to got 65lvl and open new locations? really?(:s14:)
in: 18 Aug 2016 [16:44]
If you dont like this game you dont play and more normal peoples dont play this game:)
in: 18 Aug 2016 [20:56]
Game servers and admins killed this game! Why they have bad servers and two separated servers?
in: 18 Aug 2016 [20:58]
Have all character reset and make 1 server with stable conection! And problem solved!
in: 19 Aug 2016 [01:27]
(:s33:) - Monolith / Haven Cemetery - is protected from attack (:s19:)


if 49
in: 19 Aug 2016 [12:44]
Admins can do that game very good but they dont want do it...(:s31:)
if 49
in: 19 Aug 2016 [12:47]
Admins pls create something... very good(:s11:) make this game very good okey?:)
in: 19 Aug 2016 [19:29]
Because they only want money, but they dont understand that if they will give us a new good game whe will pay and all will be happy!
in: 20 Aug 2016 [06:28]
- New location "Amber land"
- New location "Frozen Temple"
yes but not complete

- Monolith / Haven Cemetery - is protected from attack
LIE, people can entrace to cementery yet

- Some bugs fixed
I want to know which?
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