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in: 23 Aug 2016 [11:13]
Bug fixes.

- A new attempt to protect the cemetery Monolith / Haven. At this time, I hope, the last
- Removed quests and an altar in the Snow land (snow and altar artisans - too)
- Scrolls of the hero, a knight and a assasin - removed from sale. Those players that have stopped working. Leftovers can be sold in any shop
- Desert of Death. Monsters are attacking a little more energetic
- Reputation hunters. Bows removed from sale. Those that players - stopped working. They can be sold for half the price
- Blessing event "Murder" is now almost does nothing
- no color have skeletons in the Miners house

Price reduction.
- Prices for repair things - reduced. For coins - 10% for rubies - 20%
- Prices for subscription - be reduced. On initial ~ 10% and ~ 20% platinum

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in: 23 Aug 2016 [11:27]
- Reputation hunters. Bows removed from sale. Those that players - stopped working. They can be sold for half the price

serious ? considering rogues attacks are mostly arrow types the bow was suited for the rogue

I disagree with this call
if 49
in: 23 Aug 2016 [12:40]
Omg:D it is joke?:DDD that game is incredible bad(:s4:)
in: 23 Aug 2016 [13:43]
updated: 23 Aug 2016 [13:45]
Well i am shocked what to say ..even me i don t know .
I will start to say this is only for you ADM Admin I told our problems that we do not like about the game now is clearly you don t care so much about our comments . This game is horrible for players you don t use platinum and for those who don t play with rubies the items are so expensive.And money that we get when we complete a quest are not enough is joke =horrible.(:s26:)(:s26:)(:s26:)(:s33:)(:s33:)(:s26:)(:s26:)(:s26:)(:s27:)
WHAT UPGRADE IS THIS FOR YOU OR FOR US THE PLAYERS????beacuse is clearly this is horrible until now nothing is so good or is going well everything is the same.(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s4:)(:s4:)(:s4:)(:s4:)
in: 23 Aug 2016 [14:45]
updated: 23 Aug 2016 [14:54]
IoanBlaze Our problems? You are only talking about your problems maybe these would apply for level 80, but as far as I know lower levels can buy all gear if they work for it. What you want is that game would literally give everything for you and you wouldn't need to put effort in it. On the otherhand I totally agree what IceLynn said because removing the bow completely ruined class rogue and 50% of warrior, I know this was to prevent the use of bow and weapon bug but those who would like to play legally with bow can't even buy it anymore. I hope this isnt last decision of admin and they bring it back once the bug is fixed. And good job making scrolls to stop working now we can have fair fights for those who didn't have profiles in snowland.
if 49
in: 23 Aug 2016 [16:17]
Only need some charcters hard to do that?(:s6:)(:s6:)
in: 23 Aug 2016 [18:13]
updated: 23 Aug 2016 [18:14]
if 49 Are you kidding me? You obviously have no clue on how hard and how long this stuff would take. Usually there is team for designing and team for coding here is only 1 admin and it would take ages for him to do that, please do some research before complaining about stuff you clearly have no clue and what it takes to make it.
in: 23 Aug 2016 [18:38]
agreed is alot of work that goes in to design and programming this game

all we can do is wait to see what they have planned now but rogue might as well be removed from the class selection as its gone, I say that cause the abilities are all arrow based attacks the bow was some of our main weapon and no longer the class is useful
hopefully they can at least improve the warrior without the bow
in: 23 Aug 2016 [23:31]
Now with this... everybody will become to wizard xD
if 49
in: 24 Aug 2016 [09:58]
updated: 24 Aug 2016 [09:59]
I hate you a bit mazais145 you think that you are so strong with your 2acc? can you dont be so annoying? I know that hard to create new character.. but if admins create it i think that some peoples go to play this game again because it is interesting to try new character... i want say only that...(:s33:)
in: 24 Aug 2016 [10:52]
if 49 Cmon thats the best insult you could have gave me? I know you have a dictionarity with insults. And why would i even listen to someone who is impersonating someone else, identity theft. And there is no admins only one ADMIN.
if 49
in: 24 Aug 2016 [12:22]
Okey only one ADMIN okey
if 49
in: 24 Aug 2016 [12:24]
updated: 24 Aug 2016 [12:24]
Mazais145 i understand that u are kid but why you ever want show it?:D
if 49
in: 24 Aug 2016 [12:27]
Now i think that you write it: ?? Are u okey? i dont want to speak with kids and everything more.. then say what you want to say more im waiting:)
in: 24 Aug 2016 [12:58]
Admin just reset the game so all players shoud start new game. And thats it.
in: 24 Aug 2016 [13:08]
if 49 Ok, i am a kid as you wish, but if you are going to call me a kid maybe learn some grammar, because you clearly haven't been educated.
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