in: 26 Jul 2018 [14:01]
27.07.2018 - 03.08.2018.

Discounts - 50%

Good game!

in: 31 Jul 2018 [19:30]
this game is so shitty, if u want to play very similar but 10x better game, play guild wars 2 (:s5:)(:s5:)(:s5:)(:s36:)(:s36:)(:s33:)(:s6:)(:s38:)(:s36:)(:s37:)(:s38:)
in: 31 Jul 2018 [21:24]
if the game is so shit then dont play it lmao
in: 01 Aug 2018 [23:36]
All they can do is make discounts... lets be honest. People are tired of this non - sense garbage that can only give us discounts... and whats the point if you need to put real money to reach something... So we can say that theese "Discounts" are usseles. But of course(:s8:) people who are addicted from this game still wont take this seriously(:s8:) So keep wasting your life(:s8:) (:s8:)
in: 01 Aug 2018 [23:56]
Once again dont play the game if you dont like it smh, now i just think yall are seeking for attention tbh
in: 02 Aug 2018 [00:24]
its not interesting when people are cheating (:s10:)
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