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in: 25 May 2011 [20:46]
hey Guys!
ITs Sedna here!
I made decison to stick with this game for a while!
So i invested into opening clan! As you all know clan in this game is quite costly thing - but it gives good advantage.
So far i upgraded clan--
+15 to all stats
+10 to all resistances and armor
+5% to health,mana,endurance
+ 5 spaces for clan members
Im planing to keep upgrading clan in future but i need help - its to expensive for to do alone...
So guys who are interested in clan and advantages it gives and are ready to do some investments can contact me in game im fattest rat there)
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in: 29 Sep 2011 [02:23]
i want to join the clan my namde is Adventurer, il switch alliances if i join.
in: 01 Oct 2011 [12:23]
Hi Sedna.....How do the new game updates affect us?
I know our stats are reset but you get the rubys back to put them back on?
Will they still charge the same rubys for adding stats and opening slots?
At least we can trade items within the clan now (:s1:)
in: 31 Oct 2011 [19:57]
ok Guys litlle info how game changes afected us:
the clan bonus system was changed a bit, and different price system were set - for all rubies returned i could make following upgrades:

+20 to strength
+20 to dexterity
+10 to constitution
+20 to accurasy
+10 to luck
+ 5 to intellect
+5% to health,mana,endurance

+35 protection from physical attacks
+10 fire,frost,nature,dark,arcane,light attacks

+17 spots for clan members

as u can see most of bonuses are reduced now, but generally all stat system for players and mobs are reduced (before i had all stats around 300+ , now all my stats are around 50-88 for my thief chick)

ok the fee for to join stays the same atm - 1000 rubies for one time payment OR 450 rubies if u pay monthly!

yep strongest dudes are in our clan, there is small clan starting on empire side - so lets hope it will grow bigger and will give us some chalange at last)

GG guys & c ya in game!
in: 21 Jan 2012 [14:15]
is there away no join without the use of rubies i love guilds/clans in games but however i have not the money to put in the game :(
in: 09 Mar 2012 [04:30]
ok because of many inactive ones we are kicking out - we have free spots in clan.
So we get u in without paying for new clan member spot opening and thats makes everything much cheaper.

ok bonuses we offer is:

+20 to strength
+20 to dexterity
+13 to constitution
+20 to accurasy
+10 to luck
+ 5 to intellect
+5% to health,mana,endurance

+35 protection from physical attacks
+15 fire,frost,nature,dark attacks
+10 arcane,light attacks

still have 17 spots

and we reduce fee to 500 rubies permanent stay.
or 200 if you wish to pay monthly.
ok guys gg
in: 15 Mar 2012 [22:04]
Hi, I'm ready to join. Let me know how I can give you my 500 rubies. -Jezebeth
in: 06 Jun 2012 [02:46]
I'm ready to join, too, Sedna... but I don't see any way to join. Do you have to send an invite??
in: 18 Jun 2012 [13:09]
Why did people play this game?
in: 21 Jul 2012 [17:57]
in: 26 Aug 2012 [22:58]
I would like to join your clan.
in: 04 Sep 2012 [23:07]
in: 12 Sep 2012 [16:25]
count me in im new here
in: 05 Oct 2012 [20:30]
Hi Sedna.
in: 08 Oct 2012 [10:33]
in: 27 Nov 2012 [03:23]
I would like to join your clan.
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