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Citadels are a battleground for clans that provide different bonuses for each citadel.

Capturing citadels
There are 2 ways to capture it:
1) if there is no owner – upon entry
2) if there is an owner, then the citadel can be captured only in a specific time frame. Right now, two citadels open at 18:00 server time, the third opens at 19:00 server time. Citadel is open for 30 minutes. After this period, a winning clan that will hold the citadel for next 3 days is announced. Each citadel has its bonuses that you can see in Available events → Available events → second tab. Each citadel will have its information and siege time posted.

When capturing:
1) assaulting/defending team spawn on “cemetery” spawn points of the citadel
2) characters after death spawn in 5 seconds
3) revival for rubies will not revive a player on the spot, but will rather remove timeout for revival time
4) to capture a citadel, player must have a rank of at least an officer. Note: initiate a capture and capturing it are different things. Any clan player can assault the citadel, but it can only be captured by an officer or any other higher ranking clan member. To capture a citadel, a lever in the heart of citadel must be pressed (by officer-ranking player or higher).
5) Until the owner of the citadel is announced, there can be an unlimited amount of sieges. If the clan captured a citadel does not mean they own it – right after the capture, the clan that owns the citadel becomes the defendant (meaning they have to defend the citadel from other attackers until the time for assault runs out). After the siege is complete, both attackers and defenders will be teleported to global map.
6) There are different bonuses for defenders – for example, you can hire guards that will hold off the attackers for some time until backup from your clan arrives.
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Alekzandershello dear admin, i talk with so much people, but no one answers me, how can player bacame a game HLP or MOD?
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Цитата Raituha21:
Alekzandershello dear admin, i talk with so much people, but no one answers me, how can player bacame a game HLP or MOD?

You might try sending in a ticket or asking on the spanish forums .... I dont think this forum get much attention anymore(:s32:)
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(:s5:) I have same question.... (:s11:)
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This forum it's dead ???Beacuse i think it's dead nobody answer here ?>>>>??(:s27:)(:s27:)(:s13:)(:s13:)(:s13:)(:s13:)
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When snow land it's coming????
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