in: 30 Aug 2013 [15:17]
 Important updates for Grande server!
 Please take a look at list of changes.

1. Abilities changed for every class in game.
Now 9 class abilities are available, divided into 3 schools, plus 7 divine and 4 passive skills.
Those abilities and skills are available in the 'Abilities' tab. Look, explore and use them!
If your hotkeys panel is empty - don't worry. Just drag and drop them from the 'Abilities' tab.
Note: All divine abilities require gems.

2. Item parameters changed
We have changed parameters for almost every item in-game. Player items will adjust automatically.
Warrior now deals mainly physical damage, thief employs nature and poison, priest - holy, and mage - fire damage.
- Item sets of any colour provides additional bonus to player;
- Health and mana potions restore 50% more;
- Food buffs empowered by 50%.

3. Cities
Heven and Monolit drastically changed their appearance.
Now every trader lives near his or her shop; taverns are available, almost empty at the moment.
This is the first step towards greater updates of the cities, Hevmon and corresponding quests.

4. New dungeons and quests
- Seeker Base has new quests available as well as couple of new instances.
- New quests for levels 45-50 will open new Crystal Cave dungeon.
- Baa Temple dungeon awaits players of the 50-64 levels. You can find Temple entrance in the ruins in Hortis lands.
- Gem mine dungeon is available, rewarding players with gems as they fight their way through the instance.

5. Clans
Distributed clan points will be discarded, money spend on them - returned to clan treasury.
Bonus types changed. Bonuses prices are lowered (permanently).
PS. Clan leaders, don't forget to redistribute clan bonus points.

6. Monsters
- Monster parameters changed. Now some of them deal damage of various types, some monsters learned new abilities.
- Previous monster attacks of frost, dark and arcana type are changed.

7. Faction reputations
Faction reputations are now available. To level up those reputations do quests provided by commanders in Upper Heven/Monolit Edge.
Those quests (ordinary and daily ones) are available on 40th, 45th, 50th and 75th levels.
You will need those reputation levels to use new items sold by Faction Reputations vendor.

8. Various
- 2 ability slots are added to hotkeys panel.
- From the very start every character has 5 points for 4 defense types.
- Great Hero from the Seeker Base now sells 'Hero shield V' to players who got to the 5th lvl in Heroes Guild.
- Traders now buy Valor point items as well.
- Academy is now open in the lands of Hortis.
- Hevmon caves changed its appearance.
- 24 slot bags now available in shops.
- Leaving clan triggers 24h cooldown on entering another clan.
- Character and talents pages changed - now they are really handy and nice.

in: 30 Aug 2013 [17:04]
Thank you (:s1:)(:s24:)(:s1:)
in: 30 Aug 2013 [22:16]
WOOHOO BIG UPDATE! Thank you Ambergames!
in: 30 Aug 2013 [23:13]
Hey, but some of the quests are in russiean language in Latvian community. Please do something, couse i and some more players don;t understand russien.
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