Summer is coming to an end, but 40% sale is just starting! All items for rubies AND copper are discounted!

Not only ruby-grade equipment, but also the regular items which can be bought for copper is sold with a 40% discount! Hurry and get the best gear now!
Sale is active until 14 August.

13.02.2015 14:44
 St.Valentine's day is here!

On this wonderful day, everyone celebrates the best feeling anyone can have - the feeling of being in love.

From 14 to 16 February, receive a Red Heart rune when logging in to the game, and you can receive valuable gifts, which you can then give to your beloved players.

13.01.2015 18:50
 New Years 50% sale has been extended to 21 January

Hurry up with this awesome opportunity to save on the best equipment!

08.10.2014 15:46
Added a Darlac quest line (in the Desert of Death).
Help an ancient race with their struggle for survival!

Added new jewels+: Unique and Epic jewels. You can receive them from Unknown Jewel runes starting from level 60. Good luck!

Added jewels for levels 70 and 80.

Bows were rebalanced, “red” class bows should now be stronger.

“Outpost” quests have been changed to include higher-level players.

Changed the drop rate of ring and note for quest by Tanius (in Desert of Death).

Free online adventure games

Free online adventure games have steadily increased in worldwide popularity over the years for people from all walks of life, and from various age groups. The most popular among these adventure games online are the multiplayer role playing games, or RPGs, where a player takes on a character who will then be assigned an avatar for one to control in the virtual world. As the popularity of online role games increased, there developed a new genre called Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, or MMORPGs, which can serve millions of players worldwide. Players used to maintain monthly subscriptions to play the games but over the last few years, free online adventure games of this nature have been steadily increasing in popularity. One such game is Shards of the Dreams by Ambergames©.

As one of the new, free online adventure games, this one has some distinctive characteristics. First, aside from being free to join -- no recurring monthly membership fees -- it also requires no software to install or any special technical skill to play. All you need is internet access and you can play the game anywhere from any computer. As a browser based MMORPG, this game works with whatever internet browser your computer may have.

Like most MMORPG games, Shards of the Dreams brings the player into a fantasy world filled with magic, monsters, and adventure. To begin, you must register by entering your email address, password and then select a name for your character. You can select from a variety of character avatars such as the Mage, the Warrior, the Rogue, or the Priest. Each one has his own unique set of abilities and powers so just select which character suits you best. Like most free online adventure games, or any game for that matter, it is better to learn how to play the game first. It comes with a help page to guide beginners with the basic controls and tactics.

A real-time chat window also allows the player to interact with other players to share ideas or discuss tactics on how to defeat certain monsters. This is one of the best features of free online adventure games that single-player games do not have.

Just like other older and popular online rpg games, Shards of the Dreams players can progress or increase their experience level through combat. If you want to increase your level, look for monsters to kill. However, to increase your chances of survival, and avoid having your character killed, it is better to join a team and attack enemies as a group. This way, you will have a better chance of succeeding, while getting experience points along the way, together with other players. With the many items in your inventory to choose from, you have a lot of choices to use for trade and for earning points.

Unlike other free online adventure games, the creators of Shards of the Dreams have designed it with many quests from which to choose. This way, as a player, you will never run out of adventures to try and will definitely want to keep coming back for more.

[100] IF49
[98] Gringo
[92] wolfder
[92] kkkkk
[90] УДАР
[88] heli
[88] super1
[87] RRRR
Client download
Step 1. Character name
Step 2. Select side
Step 3. Select character class
Step 4. Select character gender
When you select a faction, only characers of those faction will be available for your account.
- high amount of life
- high physical damage
- melee attacks
- low accuracy
Knights are intended for melee battles. They are as strong as steel and know how to command a weapon. All their abilities are oriented towards melee battles. After the fall of the old world they were the first to protect the laws and the rule of Great Empire.
- high accuracy
- uses poisons
- low level of life
- low level of mana
Rogue is a class intended both for melee and ranged attacks. Rogues are masters of hiding and poisoning their enemies. Empire uses their services in tricky situations, like stealing or assassinations.
- different protective abilities
- medium level of life and mana
- low physical damage
- not many attacking abilities
Priest combines the power of the body and spirit. Priests bless with one hand and curse with the other. Old world collapsed, but gods still grant powers to their priests and Empire needs them even more than before.
- high amount of mana
- magical attacking abilities
- weak physical attacks
- low level of life
Mage is a class intended for ranged magical attacks. They do not like brute force and prefer magical sciences. After the cataclysm all living mages joined their strengths and knowledge to try and return the old world.
- high amount of life
- high physical damage
- melee attacks
- low accuracy
Berserk is a class intended for melee battles. They are physically strong and have a lot of life. All of their abilities target melee battles. They think they can make the Gray Wasteland the most glorious kingdom of them all - they will have to, however, drown their enemies in their own blood.
- high accuracy
- usage of poisons
- low level of live
- low level of mana
Sting of Wasteland is a class intended for ranged and melee battles. They prefer to stay in the shadows and solve their problems by using poisons. Wasteland values them as excellent scouts, but Stings are not afraid to get their hands dirty with something more shady.
- well-developed protective abilities
- low level of life and mana
- low physical damage
- not many attacking abilities
Priest combines the power of the body and spirit. Priests bless with one hand and curse with the other. No matter what happens, until the faith of the priest is strong the gods will grant them the power and abilities much appreciated in the Wasteland.
- high level of mana
- magical attacking abilities
- weak physical attacks
- low level of life
Shaman is a class intended for ranged magical attacks. They prefer to weave spells rather than fight in melee battles. Shamans collect all possible knowledge to recreate the world as it was before the cataclysm.