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10.10.2011 13:15

Новинки в онлайн RPG игре sodgame.ruDear players! 
As promised, today we have launched a new version of the game Shards of The Dreams. Now you can enjoy the improvements, see the new design of characters and try out their talent tree with lots of new skills. Please pay your attention to changes in the movement around the World and the existence of the conflict zones on the global map (Astral) between the Great Empire and Grey Wasteland.  The cost of the class change and the redistribution of skill points of your character was removed for two weeks, so do not be afraid to experiment and try all the classes available to you.

As mentioned earlier, all of your items were removed and compensated for in monetary equivalent in which they were assessed. Clan bonuses, as well as all character parameters have been dropped and the costs was offset for clan-based development.

Attention!! Those who use the game client, will have to update it (completely remove the old one and install a new version), the new client version can be downloaded here.

Detailed list of changes.

In the new version of the game, the whole world has changed – its appearance, its characters, and its history.

Division by fractions (sides)
    Players will have to choose the fraction and the class when registering in the game or when creating a new character. It will not be possible to change the fraction in-game. 
    Players of different fractions will not be able to:
    • Talk to each other in general or trade chat with other fraction
    • Form groups
    • Accept players of different fraction into the clan
    • Direct trade of items
    All players already registered in the game will be teleported to their fraction’s villages (Great Empire – Village of Mists, Gray Wasteland – Wolf Village).


  • The appearance of characters available to players was changed.
  • Starting stats and abilities of the characters were changed.
  • Points distributed to character stats were reset.
  • Characters now have talents that can be developed, by distributing points into the talents.
  • Character level will be the same or increase insignificantly.
  • Maximum level in the game will be raised to 50.

Game map/locations

  • World map has changed – old locations have either disappeared or changed dramatically, in their place new ones have appeared.
  • The design and contents of these areas are new as well.
  • Lots of locations, particularly in dungeons, there is now lighting that will make the areas less gloomy and more attractive (If the game starts to lag on areas with lighting, the lighting can be turned off in “menu”/”settings”)

Character control

  • By clicking somewhere on the mini-map, the player will start to move around the area.
  • Additionally – the mini-map will show an arrow directing you to selected quest or the actual target (that looks like a dot with outgoing circles around it)

Game tasks (quests)

  • Old quests are removed from the game.
  • Quest log will be cleared of entrances.
  • Lots of new quests will appear instead of old ones.
  • Players can now abandon quest at any time (in the quest log) and track the progress of the quest (automatically or in the quest log).


  • All items will be removed from all players.
  • Money/rubies for the removed items will be distributed to the players according to the merchant’s prices.
  • Merchants will have new items.
  • Broken items are now highlighted with red color and will not be removed from character, but they will no longer provide bonuses.

Character inventory

  • The game will no longer have such parameters such as “load” and “weight”.
  • Now the character’s bag will look more like an actual bag with limited amount of slots.
  • Additionally, it will be possible to get other bags with different amount of slots for items.


  • Clan bonuses will be reset.
  • Rubies spent on clan bonuses will be returned to clan treasury.
  • Parameters of clan bonuses will be changed.


  • Characters can now trade or give items/money directly to each other.
  • To do this they have to be in one location and belong to the same fraction.
  • Then in the character menu the “Trade” option can be selected (when clicking on the player in chat or when selecting them into a target and clicking the gears near their avatar).

Additional little changes

  • Menu/settings will enable the player to turn on or switch off the lighting on maps and to show the damages that player or monsters deal (turning these options off may improve the game’s performance)
  • Clock/server time – on the right top corner of the screen there is a little clock that will show the server time
  • Number of rings – the character can wear only 3 rings now instead of 4
  • New slots for items – there are 3 new slots where auto-use runes can be placed
  • “Defenses” and resistance mechanics was changed
  • Design of quest log was changed
  • Design of talents/abilities was changed
  • Map of the location is now brought up via a small round icon in the upper right corner of the mini-map
  • Speed of character movement increased a little

P.S. This version of the game is still very much incomplete, especially the balance between skills, items, monsters, quests, etc. The talent tree of thieves and priests are still not ready, they will be presented in the next update, along with other bug fixes and changes to the balance.
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