Updates. Version 0.61
24.04.2012 10:49

Hello there! Game was updated just for you. Check it out!Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the Dreams 

Two new maps, new quests, new dungeons – all this awaits a brave adventurer!


- Travelers have discovered new lands that were named “Hortis lands”. Monsters living there are capable of killing everyone but the strongest heroes, that’s why the entrance into these lands is open to everyone above level 40.


- Elders and sages heard legends about ancient Tsanchi tribe that was nearly wiped out in bloody battles. There were rumors that some of the lizards survived, but no one knew exactly where they are. Lost travelers have stumbled upon a new lizard settlement, which, as it turned out, was the lost Tsanchi tribe.

- Tsanchi mine is available to players level 30 and above. Take a few friends with you, and onwards, to adventures! (Entrance into the mine is available to groups of 3 players, levels 30+).

[118] Dash
[111] Герт
[110] super1
[107] Gringo
[107] SVIT
[107] IF49
[104] Gringo
[103] wolfder
[103] Dante
[102] Rizvan
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