Updates. Version 0.64
05.06.2012 10:55
Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the DreamsFirst updates of this summer will, without doubt, make battles against monsters, and players, more interesting. 8 new abilities will offer the player to design their own “build”, since space for these abilities is limited…

Fog of war will make PvP battles more exciting, since you never know for sure where your enemy will come from.


 Tough skin   - increases maximum health by 20% for 5 seconds and heals 20% of health
 Tiger strike  - character jumps to the target, dealing damage to 3 targets, and slows them down


 Circle of blades - deals damage to 5 enemy targets and applies the "Bleed" effect to them  
 Snake dexterity - increases speed and critical hit chance for 8 seconds


 Directed healing  - heals the selected target
 Holy shield   - applies a shield to a selected target, which absorbs 60% of incoming damage. 


 Fireball   -  throws a fireball which deals area damage and ignites enemies for 7 seconds
 Magical jump  - teleports the caster to selected point  

Other changes:

Fog of war now limits the field of view, making PvP battles more interesting.

- Bottom action panel is now available when traveling on global map. 

- Maximum character class change cost is 50 silver.

- Items equipped on a character participating in an event will now break only if the character dies.

- Increased re-use time of "Heroes shield" rune, and the level required to use it decreased to level 1.

- On-the-spot resurrection costs decreased.

- Loading screen changed.

- Chat is now opaque when opened. 

- When pressing "Enter" with chat being minimized, a dialog box to enter your message will now appear, instead of opening the chat.
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