Grande server update
11.04.2013 11:24
Hot updates in online RPG Shards of the Dreams We are pleased to announce updates for Grande server.

Hortis lands are no longer divided into factional lands. It is now a one large sector with two towns, each belonging to its own faction.

No matter which faction you belong to, represent it with pride! A banner will make your hero stronger in battles against both monsters and players alike. You can purchase banners in all factional cities (banners level 30), and in Hortis (level 40 banners). Glory to the Empire! Freedom for all Wasteland!

Miners have found large deposits of magical ore, and after careful experiments by alchemists, they realized that this ore can be refined into magical jewels, which you can encrust into your items. All shops now sell different types and levels of jewels – get yours fast!

New classes of items added into the game: blue and purple. Blue items will require you to pay with copper and Valor points, while purple items will require rubies and Valor points. You can get valor points by killing players of opposing faction. Get your hero equipped with the strongest items and dominate the battlefield!

Added bows and arrows of different types, which can be purchased from merchants in cities and villages. Kill your enemies at distance

Hortis merchants now sell items of up to level 65, and potions of up to level 50.

Added a scroll of summoning a “Spark” follower, which will attack your enemies. Requires level 30 to use, and several gems.

Added a small extra monetary reward to every quest from level 20 and up.

Reduced prices of “Red” class items (which are bought for rubies) by 2x.

Other changes include:

Removed “Gold” item class merchant;
Chess pieces from the Treasury can no longer be exchanged for Valor points;
Fixed mechanics of several quests and changed requirements to complete them;
Reduced monster re-spawn rate in Hortis
[118] Dash
[111] Герт
[110] super1
[107] Gringo
[107] SVIT
[107] IF49
[104] Gringo
[103] wolfder
[103] Dante
[102] Rizvan
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