Halloween is coming!
29.10.2013 16:11
  On the day of Halloween it was common practice to conduct rituals to calm the dead and on the night of the 31st October, to tell tales of the ancestors.
We have decided to put all dead heroes to rest and introduce 20% discount to all items.
The discount will be active from 31st of October until 1st of November (inclusive).

Additionally, from 31st of October until 1st of November (inclusive), each day when a player logs in, they will receive a gift “More experience”.
This gift will be given out once every day, will be active for 3 hours, and give +200% to experience killed from monsters.

[110] Dash
[108] super1
[107] IF49
[106] Gringo
[104] Герт
[104] Gringo
[103] SVIT
[100] Rizvan
[100] kkkkk
[100] IiIDarkMorgIiI
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