Grande server problems on January 6 to 9
14.01.2014 16:08
Due to severe server problems that many players have experienced themselves, on January 9th server was rolled back to its Monday state (January 6th).

This resulted in loss of experience, quest progress and loot earned for those days.

To compensate those troubles, Shards of the Dreams team offers:

1. From January 15 till January 19 - each day when a player logs in, they will receive a gift “More experience”.
  This gift will be given out once every day, will be active for 3 hours, and give +200% to experience killed from monsters.
2. Rubies were given back to all players that bought them from January 6 to January 9.

We apologize for inconveniences caused.

[118] Dash
[111] Герт
[110] super1
[107] Gringo
[107] SVIT
[107] IF49
[104] Gringo
[103] wolfder
[103] Dante
[102] Rizvan
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