First spring updates are here!
03.03.2014 12:53
* Equipment for levels 70-80, new Trials Tower with a unique reward, Jewels+, and other updates - already available! 

* A merchant has been added to Desert of Death, who sells equipment level 70, 75, and 80 - for rubies and valor points. She has the best equipment you can find! The cost of high-level items, in rubies, has been decreased by more than 15%, to make them more available to all players. 

* A mysterious portal in Arobar village has become active! 7 trials await a Great Hero in the Trials Tower - a real adventure for a true hero! 

* In the Trials Tower lobby, you can purchase jewels+. After purchasing one of the runes to receive the jewel, you will get a random Jewel+ of the appropriate level. 

* Pandora's Chest has been added. By using this Chest you can receive a random item from the game, including a unique Modifier, which will make your character significantly stronger. You can purchase this chest from any elixir merchant. 

Other changes
* Added a pet summon scroll: cat. It is available at almost every elixir merchant; 
* Added an elixir which briefly increases your movement speed - now available at the elixir merchant; 
* Added health, mana, and stamina potions for level 60 - they can be purchased in the Desert of Death. 

* Fixed a bug which allowed players to bring monsters into safe zone on Desert of Death.
[118] Dash
[111] Герт
[110] super1
[107] Gringo
[107] SVIT
[107] IF49
[104] Gringo
[103] wolfder
[103] Dante
[102] Rizvan
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