Game update (part 2)
02.12.2016 10:59
              Game update

1) Open a new location - the village of Amber
2) Added quests in the Village of Amber
3) Added Mirrors Guardian (Quest for levels 60-89)

1) Locations "Land of Amber" and "Frozen temple" are available with 60 levels.
2) Slightly increased number of prizes in the treasury of Amber

P.S. to display text at the new things - clean your browser's cache
P.P.S. In the next update - new quests in the village of Amber, quests in Blood catacombs, Winter fun.

[118] Dash
[111] Герт
[110] super1
[107] Gringo
[107] SVIT
[107] IF49
[104] Gringo
[103] wolfder
[103] Dante
[102] Rizvan
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