Clan bonuses and descriptions

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Each character that has the necessary amount of rubies can create their own clan. To do so they have to click the “Social” button and select the “Clan” menu. In the window that appears they will have to write the name of the clan, as well as upload a small image that will serve as a clan logo. Both steps are necessary to create the clan.


After creating the clan you will automatically become the leader of your clan. The rubies that were withdrawn from you when creating the clan will now go into the clan treasury. Rubies from the treasury can be used for buying clan bonuses.

Bonuses are divided into two groups:

  • Bonuses for clans
    • Increasing the maximum clan size
  • Bonuses for clan members
    • Strength
    • Dexterity
    • Constitution
    • Accuracy
    • Luck
    • Intellect
    • Health, mana, endurance
    • Protection from elements (magic)

Bonuses for clan members will be determined in the following way:

  • +1 Stat point for each level of improvement
  • Health, mana, and endurance get increased by 1% for each level of improvement
  • +3 Points for protection from elements (magic) for each level of improvement

Image:Clan_02_en.jpg Image:Clan_03_en.jpg

These bonuses will be added to all characters in a clan. The character will receive a level of improvement that is equal to their level.

For example, if the level of improvement for Dexterity stat is 3, all characters level 1 will receive +1 to Dexterity, all players level 2 will receive +2 to Dexterity stat. Characters that are level 3 and higher will receive +3 to Dexterity stat.

Characters can be invited into the clan by writing their name and the donation amount required for entry. The entrance fee for each person being invited is set individually. The rubies that will be paid will go into the clan treasury and can be used for buying clan bonuses. Also, at any time each clan member can donate a set amount of rubies into the treasury.

Image:Clan_04_en.jpg Image:Clan_05_en.jpg

Clan leader can decide what to do with the players in the clan. For example, the clan leader can set a certain status for a player in the clan, or kick them from the clan.