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1. Interface.

To the bottom of the screen there are function panels. The panel in the bottom right corner enables the player to open the:

  • Inventory (B)
  • Character Stats (C)
  • Abilities (P)
  • Quest Log (L)
  • Arena (unavailable for now)
  • Map (M)
  • Settings
  • Auctions
  • Resource exchange
  • Mail
  • Exit menu

Panel in the bottom left corner shows character information:


  • Weight carried
  • Amount of experience gained on this level
  • Amount of money the character has
  • Number of rubies

Large middle panel is divided in half with abilities and potions. You can arrange these abilities and potions in any way you like, by dragging and dropping them from the inventory and the abilities tab. This panel has hotkeys assigned by default – 1234 for abilities, and QWER for potions.


2. Questions and answers

Q: What do I have to do in the beginning/what do I do here?

A: Get the tutorial quest from one of the characters in the game. Get to know the interface and controls. Kill a few monsters around the village. Get together a group of people and take down a powerful monster-boss in the dungeon to receive a reward. Explore the world, complete quests, socialize with other players – in the world of Soul Shard anything and everything is possible.

Q: Is there anything interesting in the village?

A: Characters that issue out quests are usually located in the village. You can also find useful buildings in the village, like a store, a workshop, the academy, and a temple. When you place your mouse cursor on a character or a door of a building, you will see the name of the character or the building you selected.

Q: I don't like my character's class. How can I change it?

A: Up to level 10 you can choose the class for free in the Academy, which can be found in the Village of Mists. After level 10 you will have to pay a certain amount of money to change the class.

Academy offers a list of available classes and their short description on a panel to the right. After you chose the desired class, press the “Change” button to change the character's class.

Q: How does the chat works, what are all the buttons?

A: To the bottom of chat window the button are located in the following order: Button to hide/show the chat; General chat tab; Trade chat tab; Group chat tab; System messages tab; Private chat tab; Battle log tab.

Q: How can I go to a different location? A: Use the transition stones. You can usually find roads leading to them nearly in every map.

Q: How do I fight? A: Select the target by clicking it with a right mouse button, and use your abilities – they will enable you to kill mobs faster.

Q: What mobs should I kill? A: Look for mobs that are at your level. Killing weaker mobs is easier but it gives you significantly less experience points, as well as it decreases your chance to get a loot drop. Monsters that are of a higher level will give you more experience and better loot, but they will be harder to overcome.

Q: Do items get broken? How? A: After death, 4 random items that the hero is currently equipping get broken. They are damaged by 1 durability point.

Q: Where can I repair the items?

A: For a small fee, you can repair your items in the workshop that can be found in the village.

Q: What happens after I die?

A: If your character died, you will see a menu that allows you to chose several options for resurrection, including a free resurrection at the cemetery or resurrection that will cost you rubies or money. In that case you will resurrect on the spot. After resurrection the character will have some health, mana, and endurance.

Q: What is the maximum level in the game?

A: Currently, level cap is at 12. Further on we plan to increase it to 40.

Q: How can I increase character stats?

A: Every 5th level starting from level 5 (meaning levels 5, 10, 15, and so on), the character is awarded 5 points which can be spent on main character stats.

Q: How do I join or leave the group?

A: To invite someone to a group, click on the nickname of the character you wish to invite and select “Invite to group”, or select the character as a target, click the icon with the palm, and select “Invite to group”.

To leave the group click the icon with the palm that is to the right of your character's avatar and select “Leave the group”.

Q: What are dungeons?

A: Dungeons are several maps divided into levels. Dungeons are filled with monsters that are stronger than you can normally find outside, but the loot is better, both the one that drops from monsters and the one found in chests. Dungeons should be cleared out with a group of players – it is easier to fight stronger monsters with a group. All members of the group will be placed in the same dungeon upon entering it.

Q: How often can dungeons be cleared out?

A: The dungeon completely “resets” in 15 minutes after the last player of the group leaves the dungeon. All the monsters, bosses, and chest re-appear after that time.

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