First steps

From Sodgame

What to do? First steps in the world.

In the world of Shards of the Dreams the players have the following ways to earn experience and advance levels:

  • Killing monsters;
  • Completing quests.

When you first get into the game you will be offered to complete a tutorial quest that will get you familiar with the basics of the game and the interface. Besides this, the quest gives a good amount of experience.

After getting to level 2, you will go to the village of Mists, where a lot of quests are waiting for you. You can offer your help to the Hunter, Shady Person, Fisherman, Tavernkeeper, and Servant of Dorion. You will also meet Wiseman Yk. By completing their quests you will come one step closer to advancing to the next level.


On the next level you will be asked once more to help those villager s you already know, but with new quests this time. In order to complete it you will have to run around a little and get to know the world. You will need to meet with the Blacksmith and the Main Hunter and experience a dangerous and exciting quests.

In the future you will find quests from Old Miner and old Kaspar living on the outskirts – you are yet to find out the role he is playing in this world. All these quests offer not only a good amount of money and experience, but also items that will make your life in the game a little bit easier.