Help for experienced players

From Sodgame


On the 5th level the players will receive their first points to distribute to stats:


Changing these parameters will change the character in the following way:

  • Strength – Determines the strength of the hits in melee and the total maximum weight the character is able to carry;
  • Dexterity – Determines the chance of dodging the hit and the chance for a critical hit (anticrit);
  • Constitution – Determines the total amount of health and endurance the character has;
  • Accuracy – Determines the chance to hit in melee (for all players) and in ranged (for bows and several spells);
  • Luck – Determines the chance of the critical hit and increases the chance to get loot from monsters/chests;
  • Intellect- Determines the total amount of mana the character has.


Instances in the game are locations where more dangerous monsters are, which gets compensated with good loot and rewards for the quests. Instances for one person – even though they are designed to be completed by one person, they are still harder than the battles on the surface. Monsters in the instances are stronger and usually have special abilities and attack in groups.

Group instances are not designed to be completed alone! Get together a group of players that have the necessary level (level of instance and players is noted in the dialogue box for the instance), get potions and food and go.

Teamwork is very important. Going into the instance in a group of five people when each player hits their own monster, or running away from a group of monsters is a sure way to die. Work together: more protected character classes can hold off more attacks, while at the same time less-”armored” characters will kill monsters at a range. Think over the tactics, don't go head first into the battle, communicate with your teammates so everyone knows of tactics – that way you will be able to beat any instance with the minimal losses.