Newbie help

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1. Interface

On the top and on the bottom of the screen are the functional panels. Panel in the bottom right corner allows the player to open the following:


  • Inventory (B)
  • Stats (C)
  • Abilities (P)
  • Arena
  • Rubies purchase (game currency)
  • Auction
  • Social (Friends and enemies list; Clan)
  • Settings:
    • Instances
    • Reporting a bug/error
    • Forum
    • Help
    • Exit menu

Panel in the left bottom corner shows the character statistics:


  • Amount of experience acquired at this level
  • Load of the character(weight carried/maximum possible weight)
  • Amount of money the character has
  • Amount of rubies

Large middle panel is divided in two sections between abilities and “belt” with potions. You can change the set of abilities and potions as you like, by dragging and dropping them from the bag or from the abilities section. By default, for quick access, the abilities use keys 1234(56), and potions use QWER(TY).


In the upper right panel there are the following buttons (under the location name):

  • Mailbox
  • Quest log (L)
  • Hints
  • Running (on by default)
  • World map (М)


2. Questions and answers

Q: What should I do here in the beginning/what should I do here? A: At the very start of the game you will be offered to complete a tutorial quest to get to know the character controls and its abilities. After you finish the quest your character will be transported into the village of Mists. Take a few quests from the people in the village. Kill a few monsters around the village. Form a group and kill a terrible monster in a dungeon to receive a reward. Explore the world, finish quests, communicate with other players – in the world of Shards of the Dreams everything is possible.

Q: Where can I get quests? A: In the top right corner of the screen, by the mini-map there is a button named “Hints”. By clicking it you will see a list of quests available for your current level, as well as a list with those who will give you these quests. It is quite easy to find those who will give you a quest – they have a yellow exclamation mark above their heads.


Q: Is there anything interesting in the village? A: in the village there are characters that will give out quests to players, as well as such useful buildings and characters like merchants, workshop, academy, and tavern. When you mouse-over the character or a door of a building you will see a hint with the name of the building or the name of the character.

Q: I do not like this character class, how can I change it? A: Up to level 10 you can change your class free of charge in the Academy in the village of mists. After level 10 it will cost a certain amount of money to change your class.


The academy will show you a list of available classes and their short description in the panel to the right. After selecting the desired class, press the “Apply” button to change the character class.


Q: What to do with the chat, what are all these buttons? A: On the bottom of the chat window there are the following buttons:


  • Button to hide/reveal the chat;
  • Common chat tab;
  • Trade chat tab;
  • Group chat tab;
  • System messages tab;
  • Private chat tab;
  • Fight messages tab.

Q: How to go from one map to another? A: Use the transition stones. Usually, transition stones are connected by roads on each map.

Q: How to fight better? A: Target the monster by clicking it with the left mouse button and use your abilities – this way you will kill the monster faster and more effectively.

Q: Which monsters should I kill? A: Hunt the monsters of your level. Killing weaker monsters will give you less experience and your chances of getting loot are severely decreased. Monsters of higher level will give you more experience and better loot, but they will be harder to kill.

Q: Do the items get broken in the game? How? A: Items in the game are broken only during the fights. For each 100 minutes (added up) of battle each item will lose 1 point of durability. Death of the character will not affect item's durability.

Q: Where can I repair items? A: For a small fee you can repair your broken items in the workshop that is in the village.

Q: What will happen once I die? О: If you die in the game, you will see several options for your resurrections, including the free option – on the cemetery, or paid option – for game currency or for ankhs – to resurrect on the spot. After resurrection, the character will not have full health, mana, and endurance.

A: What is the maximum character level? О: The game is set to have 40 levels for character. In future it is possible it will increase.

Q: How can I increase character stats? A: Each 5th level, starting from the 5th (meaning 5, 10, 15 and so on), the character will be given 5 points that they can distribute amongst main character stats.


Q: How do I leave the group? A: To invite someone into the group, click the name of the player in the chat and select “Invite to group”.


To leave the group, click the image of a hand next to your avatar and select “Leave the group”.


Q: What are instances? A: Instances are a set of maps with more powerful monsters than those that live above the surface, but they also have way better rewards – including both the loot from the monsters and those that can be found in the chests. Some of the instances are designed to be done in solo, which is mentioned in the dialogue when entering. These instances are possible to be completed alone. Other instances should be done only with a group – together it will be easier to kill stronger monsters. All members of the group will go to the same instance and will fight together. The dungeon intended for a group will most certainly mean death for a lone player.

Q: How often can I visit the instances? A: Instances will “reset” each 15 minutes after the last player on your group has left the instance. All the monsters, bosses, and treasures re-appear. Exceptions are the following:

  • Raven island (resets each time you visit it)
  • Fire caves (each 6 hours)
  • Darin Way (each 12 hours)